Monday, 23 January 2012


Hey guys!! Happy New Year!!! If youre reading this then you made it to 2012, great!!!! Its yet another zegzy year for me. 

Different people around the world have different ways of crossing over from one year to another and celebrating the new year.  Around the world people celebrate  with fireworks, kisses, blessings, gatherings, cheers, watching the sunrise and plunges into icy bodies of water to welcome in a new year. For me, its kinda different every year depending on where I am. Sometimes I go for the beach parties at the Coast. Sometimes I go clubbing. Sometimes I just chill at home. Well last New Year's Eve was chill at home day. See this handsome, lanky man that Im rolling in the hay with doesnt drink or go out. Plus there were events being cancelled, and threats of Alshabaab every where so I thought, better safe than sorry. (Plus its expensive to go to Coasto, 2011 was a fucked up year !!) So I stayed at home, watching movies and chilling for him to get home. 

Lemme start by describing him. I already said he is handsome, and lanky, right? Ok he has this really nice athletic body that Im in love with. The big tough muscles, the firm lean arms, the really tight chest that i love using as my pillow, the six pack, the nice round firm butt.....hmmmm, lemme just say he has a body to die for!!! Sorry guys, I know how it makes some of you feel but it is what it is. :-D

He got home just when I had stepped into the kitchen to prepare dinner. I had just put the chicken on to stew when he knocked. I was glad, as always to see him and get the hug that I was very much looking forward to. Mmmmh....  We chatted a little bit then I went back to check on the chicken. While I was doing that he was getting comfortable, changed into a t-shirt and took off his trousers to remain with his boxers. When it was done, I placed it aside and put on some water to cook noodles. I went back to the living room to find him on the sofa watching television. I snuggled up behind him and held him around the waist as we chatted about the day. I really felt like kissing him so I turned him, got on top of him and kissed him nice and slow. He held me around the waist and got up, flipped me onto my back and kissed me back. I was wearing a micro mini-skirt which he pushed up to touch my pussy. I guess he wanted it pretty bad coz he is always really patient and waits till we get to bed for the action to begin. This time he took me by surprise and i loved it. He lowered his boxers, lifted my legs and pushed his cock deep inside my pussy. I gasped each time he pushed his cock deeper into me. I was breathing hard, my chest was heaving. I jerked and screamed as he rammed his cock all the way into me. I moaned and gasped for air as he pumped and pumped. Then all of a sudden he pulled out and I whimpered and asked him why he stopped. " The water has boiled, and gas is not exactly cheap" he said. I tried to protest but he would have none of it so I begrudgingly stood up, pulled down my tiny skirt and dragged my feet to the kitchen to go put the noodles in the water. I couldnt stand for long so as soon as I went to the bedroom to lay down and wait for the noodles to cook. 

Seconds later he came into the bedroom. "I think you should let me finish cooking......" I started. Before I could finish he pushed my skirt up, put his hands under my buttocks then pulled them upwards. He dug into my ass cheeks and pushed his cock into my pussy. He began to pund his cock into my cunt with brutal strokes. He kept pulling my ass cheeks, sending his cock deeper into my pussy. I groaned in pleasure as he pounded harder and harder. I let out a loud moan and groaned as an orgasm tore through my body and I shook uncontrollably. He pulled out again and I got agitated this time. But he assured me there was more where that came from but we wouldnt enjoy it if the food and the whole house burnt coz that was what would happen if he dint stop. I took a breather, then got up to go check on the noodles. They were nicely cooked, what a timer! 

I served the food and we sat down to eat. I gulped down my food, eager to get to the next phase. Later on we watched some show on television, but we gave up trying to stay awake to usher in the new year so we went to bed. 

I took off my clothes and slid into the covers and he followed suit. He put my left  tit into his mouth and sucked on my nipple. Then gave the right tit the same treatment. My pussy was dripping wet, I wanted more of him. He eased himself on top of me and I took his cock and probed my pussy with his head, rubbing it up and down my soaking wet cunt. He pushed my hand away and shoved his cock deep into my pussy. It felt like Christmas had come three times that year! I watched his dick do in and out of me, faster, deeper. He then did this one thing that always gives me a TKO (technical knockout) when Im with him. He lifted my legs, placed them over his shoulders then knelt over me. I believe his cock has a magnetic g-spot finder coz he found the g-spot and rubbed it with his dick, first slowly, then increasingly faster. I shut my eyes tight, and pulled my hair as the sweetness sunk in, I felt a rush come over my whole body and an orgasm shot through me. He kept going and going and I felt anothe build up. This time he wanted to cum together so he slowed the pace then started again. I screamed as my body shook and I felt him groan slightly as his hips bucked and he shot cum deep into my pussy. He put my legs down and I turned over and fell asleep. He settled into bed , pulled the covers and pulled close to him, my head resting on his chest. I dint have a mirror but I bet I slept with a smile on my face. 

I can barely stay in bed once the sun comes up so by 7.30 a.m. I was wide awake. He was still asleep so I wiggled out of his arms, got out of bed, slipped on a top and tied a leso on my waist then went out to buy some bread, milk and eggs for breakfast. I came back and went into the kitchen, made the tea, then the eggs, some bacon and sausage. When it was all done, I went back to the bedroom and when I opened the bed he stirred. "Happy New Year babe" I said as I uncovered him and straddled him. "Hmmm, what a way to start the year. " he chuckled. I rubbed my pussy against his dick which became hard instatntly. He tried to flip me onto my back but I resisted with all my might. For some reason he always wanted to be on top but this time I wasnt going to go down (literally) without a fight. Finally he gave up trying to push me and let me have my way. I put his cock into my pussy and began riding him slowly. I like being on top of him coz I saw him closing his eyes. The first sign of emotion, He is always so quiet I can never tell if he is liking it so I always assume. But this time I knew for sure. He was really enjoying it. i worked my pussy up and down his cock as he urged me on. It was too sweet, I couldnt hold on for long , I shook in an orgasm and collapsed on top of him. 

He pushed me onto the bed and and turned me onto my back then lifted my hips towards him. He entered my pussy from behind and fucked me hard. I kept trying to pull away, it was too much but he pulled me back and rammed harder each time. I screamed as I came again and collapsed onto the bed. He lay on top of me, put his dick back inside my pussy then snaked his hand under my belly to touch my pussy. I felt like I was going to go crazy as I begged him not to do that. He of course didnt listen and pumped into my cunt as he rubbed my clit with his fingers. I put my head into the pillow and screamed into it. This time when I came, I felt like I was passing out. His cum burst inside me and he slowed down then came to a halt, Pulled out and lay beside me in the bed. I was still heaving and breathing heavily, it took a while for me to stabilize. "Happy New Year baby" he whispered.  

OH YES! Its gonna be a very very very happy 2012!!! 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Hey guys. Guess whose back??? Hope y'all are doing okay. I'm so sorry I've been away for a looong time. No I wasn't dead, I had not gone for a vagina transplant in China (lol! Kasichana!! ) and I haven't stopped having zegz either, I've just been juggling too many things at the same time. You might have to settle for a post or two every week. Better still Id love to get guest posts from you. What say you?

Every once in a while I get luckier than usual and get to have what I call smiley zegz. Smiley zegz is that zegz that leaves me smiling uncontrollably through the day and blushing every time I think back. Its that zegz that leaves you feeling happy, and most times I get a bit overwhelmed and may even start to catch feelings.

Sam gives me smiley zegz. :-) :-) :-)

Sam and I have been chatbuddies for almost three years ,but funny enough, we had only met once. We are always having e-zegz, talking about our fantasies and getting really naughty but thats as far as it goes. Well until a few weeks ago. I had gone to my usual karaoke joint and as I was waiting for my date to show up, I logged into chat and found Sam online. We got to chatting and he told me he was watching a movie. I asked, jokingly if I could go over and he said yes. So I told him I would drop by later. My pal showed up and we had a blast singing, nay, shouting along to the songs and even singing a really cool reggae duet. We then left the club and my pal dropped me off at Sam's hood. Sam, looking ever so cute as usual, picked me up and led me up the flight of what seemed like endless stairs to his house. (Why does every one who lives in a flat stay on huko 6th or 7th floor???).

We got to the house and I took off my shoes and plopped on the sofa, exhausted. Sam sat next to me and un-paused the movie he had been watching. It was some movie about apes taking over the world or something like that, I tried to be a good sport and pretended to enjoy the movie but I couldn't stand it , plus I was so tired so i told him I wanted to go to bed. He paused the movie and led me to the bedroom where I instantly stripped, borrowed his t-shirt, put it on and jumped into bed.

He came to bed soon after. I was facing the wall, pretending to be asleep. He touched my arm then turned me around to face him. He lifted the t-shirt and ran his hand across my belly, to my boobs then squeezed them a little bit. I pulled the t-shirt over my head and threw it to the floor. He begun to suck my nipples, they were erect and I ran my fingers through his hair as his tongue teased and sucked on my nipples. And then he begun to gently bite my nipples, throwing me into ecstasy. He then ran his hand down to my thighs and parted them with his hands. He reached for my clit and massaged it. I was getting wetter and wetter.He slid hid middle finger up and down my slit and I begun to moan, rocking my pelvis back and forth with his finger. Then slowly and gently he slid his finger up into my pussy, I arched my back further up, off the bed, I couldn't take the teasing any more, I was almost begging him to fuck me.

As if he had read my mind, he reached under the bed for a condom and slipped it on. He got on top of me and slowly put his hard cock inside me. It felt so good, I felt like I was going to pass out from the pleasure. Slowly he begun to rhythmically grind in and out of me. He increased the tempo gradually. Faster and faster. I started to whimper as my orgasm built. He pumped harder and harder and I erupted into a gigantic orgasm. He then moved behind me so that I was facing the wall and put his dick back into my pussy and went on pumping. I moaned loudly, consumed by ecstasy. Pure pleasure, it felt so good, sort of like I was eating my favourite ice cream. But more than that. I cant explain it. He kept thrusting into me, while looking at my face, watching me enjoy every second of it. Another orgasm seared through me and this time I let out a scream. He turned me over and knelt behind me, pulling me towards him. Doggy style. He pushed his dick inside me and this time thrust really fast and hard. I couldn't help myself, I came again, screaming, and mumbling incorrigibles, and he moaned as he slammed his cock into my pussy and came soon after wards. I collapsed on top of the bed and him on top of me. We lay like that for a few minutes before he got up to clean up then joined me in bed. I was stuck with this huge smile on my face.

He woke me up in the middle of the night for more zegz. Then in the morning, we had the most awesome morning glory. And afterwards, I lay in bed, smiling, watching him singing along to his favourite 'morning song' as he danced and combed his hair, getting ready for work. I thoroughly loved waking up next to him. :-D

A few days later, Sam and I were chatting, doing a post mortem of the zegz. He was working late so he asked me if I could go over to his office. His work place is a few minutes away from mine so i said yes and went over. He was on a conference call so I sat there quietly, watching him talk on phone, looking so zegzy and handsome as usual. I went over the window to look at the 'view' down below. It was pretty dark so i wasnt seeing much. Suddenly I felt him behind me, his crotch pressing against my bum. In a very quick motion he lifted my skirt (I wasnt wearing any panties as usual) and bent me over so that I leaned on the window, with half my torso outside the window. I felt his dick ramming into my pussy from behind and I gasped loudly, then placed my hand over my mouth so the watchmen wouldnt hear me. I felt that immense pleasure again, sweeping my whole body, as he fucked me hard. If my feet hadn't been on the ground, Im sure my toes would have curled. I came twice before he finally came. I pulled my skirt back down and leaned on the wall for support. I was feeling so dizzy. And I had the smile. It was sooo sweet!!!

Two days later we met online again. And I jokingly asked him to come for lunch at my place of work. Minutes later he called me to tell me that he was at the gate. So I went to pick him up at the reception and brought him to my office. I sat at my desk as he looked around. "You have a very nice office" he said as he came around my desk and brushed his lips on my neck. I jumped and told him to go and sit at the visitor's chair and behave like a visitor. He laughed and drew the window curtains. I told him to wait as I went out to the loo to get condoms from the dispenser as well as check if the Coast was clear before coming back to the office and locking the door from inside, leaving the key in the keyhole. I stood leaning on the desk, facing him. He pushed the papers and files on my desk, lifted my dress and hoisted me onto the desk.I lay back on the desk as he pulled down his trousers and put the condom on. He grabbed my thighs and pulled me towards him as he pushed his cock into me and begun fucking me. It was so hard not to make a sound so once again, i had to cover my mouth with my hands. Normally, office zegz is supposed to be a quickie but Sam last longer than the usual quickie.

I reached seventh heaven and trembled as I orgasmed then he turned me so that I was lying on my side then pushed his dick inside me once again. I noticed that every time I cum, Sam always changes positions, so I get to cum in many different ways. He pumped me faster and harder and my breathing became heavier as I struggled to stiffle my moans. As I erupted into an orgasm one more time, he pumped much harder and came. This time, he too had a smile on his face. The office zegz was s exciting for him, especially the thought that we were doing it in broad daylight with people around. I told him that next time I want to do it on the carpet.

We went for lunch, all smiley and kept joking about how awkward it would be if we got caught. After lunch he went back to work. That evening I went over to his workplace again, this time we did it on his boss's desk.

And after typing all this, Im so horny, i think Ill go over to his workplace once again. To get me some smiley zegz.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011


The easiest way to get Galis to do something is to make it a dare or a challenge. A friend of mine saw my train surfing (riding atop a train) photos and told me "Hmm, I see you have guts but I bet you dont have the balls to ride on a boat to Migingo in those violent, shark-infested waters" Guess what? Next thing I was on a bus to Migori then on to Muhuru bay and I did ride that one hour boat to Migingo island and back. It was scary as shit, the boat stalled smack in the middle of the lake. There were no lifesavers, no network and no other boats in the vicinity. Thank heavens they got it fixed. Thats me, I live on the edge. And I love it!! 

I was away for the better part of last week attending an official function. I made two friends and one enemy. Zegz with colleagues is never a good idea but its almost irresistible during these out-of-town work-related trips. I always try to be the lone ranger and hang out alone or with pals from that town, where applicable coz I know I am weak. If I hang out with my colleagues, Ill end up sausage funga-ing one of them. 

If there is one thing I love about Nairobi its the fact that you can go out on a Monday and find a club that is packed to the brim. In this town we were at, clubs close at 11p.m. on a FRIDAY!!! Yaani you get hauled out of the club as soon as it fikas 11p.m. then you meet policemen downstairs waiting to give you a ride to the police station. So on Saturday I had given up on the town and decided to spend the night indoors, watching telly. As soon as I had curled up in the warm blanket, remote in hand and started flipping channels, my phone started ringing off the hook. Damn! I should have switched it off. My colleagues managed to convince me to go out. We found a very nice pub with very good ambience, you should have seen how we celebrated as though we had struck gold. 

And so, the party began. The drinking, the dancing, watching and cheering some Kenyan athletes on Supersport,...More of our colleagues joined us, some of them having paired up. I was operating on singular mode with no 'date'. This guy who is very married checks in with his side kick. I asked him to dance and noticed that he smelled very nice so I told him as much and asked him what cologne he was wearing. He smiled, said thank you and told me it was Very Irresistible for men by Givenchy. His side kick who was now seated was looking at us from the corner of her eye while we danced.

The party got wilder and wilder as guys got more drunk. At some point I was dancing with Mr. Very irresistible, his sidekick butted in and pushed me aside in a jealous tirade. What chiquitta should know is that if a man is cheating on his wife with you, he will probably cheat on you with another woman as well. And being the mchokozi that I am, lets just say she is going to turn all shades of green. I want this man, not because he is so attractive, but just to spite mamasidekickitta. Im hatching  master plan on how to get him. That is a challenge Im taking on. Miss Green eyes, you want a fight? Youve got it!! GAME ON!! 

A few minutes later another colleague  Mr. tall and handsome, Peter came along with his pal, Tim. Peter is a hot guy and he knows it. Then someone totally haribu'd when he told him ati he looks like Tyrese. Heee, si the dude has pedhos!! Thats what totally turned me off him. This brushing-dirt-off-my-shoulder vybe doesnt cut it for me, at all!! Tim, who is equally tall came over to dance with me. Si I love tall guys!! And he was smelling niiiice! I asked him which cologne it was (by now youve noticed thats my pick up line, hihihihi!). I dont quite remember what he said it was but I loved the scent. Tim is a good dancer too. All the men at that table had been unable to tame me but Tim anticipated my every move and countered it. The chemistry was great!! I wanted him.

Later on a guy I had zegzed before showed up with his chips funga for the day. I was a bit jealous, dont ask me why. I clutched on to Tim, holding him tighter, and even sneaked in a kiss, just to show off. Peter, Tim and I left soon afterwards. Back at the hotel, Peter started acting up, telling me that I had ditched him for his friend. I told him I just couldnt stand his maringos, besides, he was my workmate, his friend wasn't. He was sulking as he went to his room and Tim and I went to Tim's room.  

As soon as we closed the door behind us I pushed Tim's back to the wall and kissed him as I unbuttoned his shirt and tugged it off him. I stepped back a little but to pull my top over my head and throw it to the floor and as he grabbed my waist, pulled me back  towards him and planted his lips on mine again.I closed my eyes to enjoy the sweetness of his kiss as he dragged me towards the edge bed and I voluntarily fell backwards, pulling him down with me and locking my lips onto his once more. He moved down to kiss my neck, then slid his hand under my bra to tweak my nipple. He went down on his knees to unbuckle my shoes and remove them. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off then helped him out of his and vest. He stood up to remove his pants and boxers as I slid into the sheets. He joined me in bed, cuddled me and ran his fingers through my hair. I was so turned on, all I wanted was to feel him inside me. 

Tim spread my legs apart and began to touch my private wet spot . His fingers rubbed my clit, then parted my pussy-lips. Then I felt his middle finger entering my hole. He fucked me with his finger for a while and I moaned. I took his hand in mine and sucked his fingers to taste my own cum. I wanted him so bad , I took charge, rolled him over and straddled him, while unclasping my bra to free my DDs. I leaned backwards, resting my weight on my hands and grinded him as my DDs bounced back and forth. He pulled at my waist, dragging me down towards him and kissed me passionately as he dug his fingers into my back.

He pushed me off him, reached for his pants to remove a condom from the back pocket and came on top of me. I was breathing heavily in anticipation, my heart racing, my pussy throbbing, waiting eagerly. He rolled the condom over his dick and spread my legs a bit further. He then thrust into me, forcefully, and I gasped loudly. "Shhhhhh" he motioned me to keep it down. "I cant! I whispered!" He thrust into me again and again, I screamed louder. I wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust my pussy upwards, hard into him.  He drove his dick harder and harder into me and I clenched the sheets with my hands and bit my lip. My body tensed up and my pussy gripped his dick hard as I began to quiver and shake all over then erupted in an orgasm. He thrust deep and hard into me and let out a moan as he came. I pulled him close, wrapped my arms around him and bit into his shoulder softly. My hips were moving back and forth as my body trembled and shuddered. He rolled off me to take off the condom then kissed me on the forehead, turned me around so we could spoon, wrapped his warm arm around me and whispered "Goodnight".

He woke me up with some morning glory, and after that I had to go back to my room before everyone else woke up. 

Next time I was seeing Tim was in the bus, on our way to the closing ceremony of the function which we were attending. We acted like nothing happened though Peter had this "I-know-what -you-did-last-night" look on his face. Sometimes I wonder if I should be concerned about how Im able to have zegz with a guy and feel completely zeep about him. No emotions, no nothing! And with the way I openly ogle at men and make moves on them the way men do women. (kwanza there was this hot bouncer at the club, with huge, awesome, yummy muscles mpaka I had to ask if I could touch them!!)  My best friend usually calls me his boy. Ati I must be having much more testosterone than estrogen in my body. 

I eagerly await the next trip.


Monday, 30 May 2011


I love adrenaline-pumping experiences. Im the full adrenaline junkie. I once rode on top of a train, the one from Dandora to town, not for a free ride but just for the adrenaline. Everyone, even the guys who were on top of the train, thought I was mad! Bungee jumping was on my bucket list as well so I decided one day to get it over and done with. So my pal Bob (from the threesome zegzcapade) and I set off for Sagana one Saturday morning on a mission to commit attempted suicide.

We got there at about noon and joined in the queue. There was one bungee jumper ahead of me so I prepped myself while I waited for my turn. I signed off the release form then stepped on the weighing scale to get my measurements taken. I then got harnessed and stood at the foot of the tower, watching the other guy leap from the top. Then my turn came. I had Bob record my last will and testament , bid him farewell, just in case I dint return then started the long climb up the 60 feet tall steel tower. The higher I went the more I wondered whether I really had to do it. Maybe I should just write another bucket list with less life-threatening activities. But Bob, who was appearing smaller and smaller at the foot of the tower and the instructor who was waiting for me at the top kept urging me on so forged on till I got to the top.

Now this instructor called is one hell of a funny guy. He tells me there have not been any bungee related deaths here but there is always a first time. He also told me about this mean instructor friend of his who waited until a jumper had jumped then threw a second rope down so the poor sod thought his rope had snapped and almost had a heart attack. On a separate jump, he waited till the jumper had jumped then screamed 'waiiiit!! waiiittt!!" causing the jumper to think he had jumped too fast so he went down wailing "for whaaaatt???"  He assured me though, that my jump would be free of any pranks. After some more small talk I had to take the leap of faith. I decided to jump on my own instead of asking him to push me which was also an option. I closed my eyes and on the count of 3, I jumped. I screamed my lungs out as I saw the water fast approaching, and I thought I was going to drop into River Tana and be eaten by crocs but just when I came close and my hair touched the water, I was tugged back up and swayed across. I heard Bob screaming louder than me then he went "Oh My God!!" like Agnes, several times. After being hurled around a little bit I got accustomed to the feeling. Finally the guy with the raft came to pick me up and got me out of the water. It was an amazing feeling!! 

After resting a little bit and watching a few more people jump, Bob and I headed on to Sagana town. He knew the place pretty well, having lived there at some point in his life. We headed to the banks of River Sagana and walked along till we came to a beautiful waterfall. We walked on until we got to a place where the water was a bit shallow and there were lots of rocks. Then , to quote Whitney Duncan's song " We took off our clothes ,Through em' in the bushes ,Mud between our toes ,Bare black tushes,Sunlight on the river glistened,And we were skinny dippin "

After a while we got out of the water and lay ourselves on the rocks to dry.  Then I got to thinking, since we were already naked, weeeell.......... So I edged closer to Bob who had closed his eyes and was enjoying the sunbathe, and touched his dick. He quickly opened his eyes and almost hit out, thinking it was a lizard walking all over him. Then when he saw me, and the naughty  look in my eyes which he is all too familiar with, he thought I was crazy. "What if someone finds us?" he asked. "Whats the worst they can do? Flog us and parade us in the village? They either stand back and enjoy the show or join us" I quipped. He laughed. 

Bob stood up, his now erect dick having responded instantaneously bobbing up and down. I sat on the rock and took his dick into my mouth. He grabbed my hair, pulling my head into him , groaning and panting as I sucked his dick.  He then reached for his shorts to  as I stood up, still rubbing his dick with the soft palm of my hand. I took the condom from him, unwrapped it and rolled it onto his dick. I turned around, parted my legs a little bit and bent over, supporting myself on the rock. He held me by the hips and pushed his dick into my waiting wet cunt. I gasped as I felt him fill me up then pumped his dick in and out of my pussy ,first slowly, then faster, and faster, and faster. Far along the river, on the opposite side I noticed a man sitting on the banks in what appeared to be swimming trunks, staring at us. Thank heavens the water in the middle of the river was too deep for him to swim across. I pushed my booty and pumped back, to meet Bob's thrusts. I had a mini-orgasm, then 5 minutes later I came again. Bob kept fucking me harder and harder until he came, thrusting until he couldnt thrust any more. We sat back on the rock and took a breather then got back into the water. I looked yonder and saw the spectator in the water, swimming. I guess he had to cool off too. be continued


Friday, 27 May 2011


Hey guys, sorry I went AWOL on you. Been busy as hell at work, plus tumefungua shule. Its a little hectic but Ill try and keep up.

Im naked in a bed, in my room in some hotel in Nakuru about to wank to some tranny porn. Its a bit cold. I havent had zegz in a little over 2 weeks and Im not amused about it. See this guy called Nash, (I dont even know what Nash is short for and I dont even know his name), gave me the most wickedest cunnilingus Ive had in recent times. That is a great thing! Problem is I only like Nash when his mouth is in between my legs or his dick is in my pussy.The moment he opens his mouth to talk I just get pissed off. He is so ANNOYING!!! First off, he thinks just because we had zegz, he can tell me who to hang out with, who to dance with in the club, who to smile at, who to flirt with so he keeps sulking at me coz he doesnt want me doing this or that. Secondly I dont like his friends, at all!!! Slimy bastards have the nerve to ask me to ditch their pal just minutes after they've been introduced to me? NKT!! Ive already slapped one of them and punched the other. 

Then things came to a head when Nash annoyed me while we were out partying some two weeks ago. His pal who was with his girlfriend started winking at me and nudging me with his foot under the table. What is it with you people!! Then Nash said something that annoyed me so I slapped him and stormed out of the club (hee, at this rate I think I need to attend an anger management class). I told myself Ill never call him again.Soon enough the horniness struck and I tried browsing through my phonebook but there were no available zegzmates. For some reason, everyone was either busy or out of town so I decided to eat humble pie and called Nash. He refused to pick my call. I kept calling ad calling, incessantly. Finally I texted him and asked him to pick up the phone. He texted back to tell me "Call during working hours, this is my family time" OUCH!! I kicked myself for having behaved in a manner likely to suggest that I was desperate. I deleted his messages and contacts from my phone book, and at some point I thought of 'punishing' him but I decided against it. Damn it!! I really really liked that cunnilingus!!! When he spreads those pussy lips apart and sucks on the ka-clit like a lollipop. Im so sure if he incorporated fingering, Id totally squirt. I was working towards that. :-( 

On Tuesday I was in meetings all day so when I got back to my desk I found several missed calls. When I called back the first number, I heard the Lords Prayer ringback tone (WTF!!) and I immediately knew that I should have kept his number in the phonebook so that I can know when he is the one calling and ignore his calls. "Hawayuni" he bursts out when he picks the call . Surely now who greets people like that except Erico of Churchill live??  "Hey Ive seen your missed call, kwani watsup? I thought you were spending time with your family?" I retort  "What are you talking about?" he said, feigning surprised "Well, you sent me a text telling me to call you during working hours and not when its your family time." I told him..He denied ever having sent such a text and went on to tell me how I had 'tupad' him sijui what not. Lakini men aki!! Hee! I told him I had to work and Id call him later so I hung up. Now this dude is soo full of nonsense yet he was given all those cunnilingual skills!!  I just wish I could take that talent of his and bestow it upon a guy I actually like. 

Im now on the prowl for a new zegzmate. There are a few pointers that aid in shorlisting. I know a man will be bad in bed if he:-

1) is a sloppy kisser.No matter how nice and sweet a guy is if he is a bad kisser, he will be and even worse lover. Make NO mistake about this one.

2) devours his food. Wah!!! Biggest turn off!! This guy once invited me for brunch. His teeth are spaced out like those scanty maize cobs, and he was wolfing his food I could see particles flying all over. Yuck!!! I couldnt wait for the brunch to be over!! Suffice to say, there was no bed and/or breakfast!! 

3) cant dance. No need to go sooo far trying to explain this one ,just look at chutis. Hehehe!!! 

4) does not turn me on. If there is no chemistry between us, then I dont like forcing zegz coz whenI do I end up regretting it. Plus some guys just make you feel unsexy when youre with them. Jerky behaviour just wont cut it.

5)gropes me in all the obvious cases. Its the first dance, or the first kiss so how do you go groping the DDs and the bum?? That indicates that he is probably very selfish in bed.

6) is untidy / unhygienic. Untacked shirt, reeking of sweat, uncombed hair.....eeew!! Im thinking lice in your pubic hair. Eew! eew!! eew!!

7) brags about his sexual prowess.100% of the men who brag about their prowess in bed are HORRIBLE in bed. It doesnt impress me at all!! 

This Friday, Im gonna step out in style and find me a man to zegz up my weekend. This dry spell shall not go on any longer than it needs to.

Have a zegzy day y'all!!

P.S. This was supposed to be a preamble to the tale I wanted to tell but i got carried away. So I save that tale for another day. 

Monday, 23 May 2011


Hi guys, hope you had a fabulous weekend. And Im guessing your world dint end so we still get to have zegz. I spent the better part of the weekend wanking to that JKUAT zegz clip. Kamasutra made in Kenya I tell you!! These campus kids!! Hee!!

Today I want to give women tips on how to give their men a good blow job. One of my shagbuddies used to cringe at the thought of a woman going down on him. He was so skeptical when I wanted to give him a blow job and when I did and he loved it, he admitted that some chic had almost bitten his dick off thats why he was so afraid. I always thought that giving head was the easiest thing to do, I was surprised that a lot of women dont know how to do it. 

So here is how to do it right ladies. Its a long one, But I dint want to edit out the important points so take your time. Read. Learn.

SHOW ENTHUSIASM. The best fellatio involves a giver who is totally into it. You may find it extremely erotic to pleasure your partner in this way. You may enjoy the stimulation to your lips, tongue, mouth, and hands as you perform a blowjob. Perhaps you get off on the feeling of power you have over your lover as you control his pleasure, or you may get a sexual charge out of feeling dominated by your lover as you serve him. Maybe you enjoy the sense of giving involved in this extremely intimate act. Whatever your scene, you absolutely, positively must be into giving this man a blowjob, otherwise no one will enjoy it.

SET THE SCENE.  The best oral sex begins long before you take off his clothes. Wear something you know he finds sexy on you. Help him to relax and loosen up, perhaps with a bath or a glass of wine together. Slowly undress him. By taking your time, you build his anticipation and arousal to a tantalizing level. Make sure he has no distractions whatsoever. Turn off the phones, lock the door. Make sure everything you need is within easy reach: condoms, lube, sex toys, something to drink, something refreshing to eat (perhaps a bowl of fresh strawberries, chilled grapes, or orange slices). Let him focus entirely on his pleasure. If he touches you, it should be for his own enjoyment and not to pleasure you. Make it clear that he is in for a real treat.

EXPLORE HIS WHOLE BODY. Start slowly. Touch, lick, and kiss your partner, not just the areas that turn him on but the ones that turn you on as well: the nape of his neck, his earlobes, his chest, his nipples, his round buttocks, feet and sensitive toes, thighs. Be vocal about the areas you adore, either by moaning with pleasure . Keep exploring as you gradually work your way to his genitals. Try licking and sucking his fingers so he gets a preview of what is in store for his cock. Take your time and savor his entire body.

USE YOUR WHOLE BODY. The best blowjobs involve much more than just your mouth, and focus on much more than just his penis. Use everything available to you to pleasure him.  Use your mouth, lips, tongue, face, hair, hands, fingers and boobs. Rub your genitals against his cock, his leg, or his hand in order to increase your own arousal during the blowjob. Let your body move naturally along with the movement of your mouth and hands.

BE CREATIVE. There is no script. So allow yourself to be swept away by the moment and do what feels good to you and your partner. Explore different ways of pleasuring your partner. Every man is different, and every encounter is different: the same man might love a gentle touch one night, but want more aggressive play another night. Don’t be afraid to try new things. But always pay close attention to the response of your lover. If you try something new and he squirms and moans with pleasure, keep at it. If not, move on to something else.
Do you have a lover who tends to be quiet and still? How can you tell if he likes what you’re doing? Notice his testicles. When he is aroused, his testicles will rise within the scrotum, so rather than two balls hanging in a loose sac, the balls will be high against the base of the penis and the scrotum stretched tightly across them. Also, his cock will be very stiff and the head will swell even further and become rock hard. Pay attention to these signs that you are pleasing him.
Try different moods. Be playful, intense, slow and sensual, or fast and frantic—or all these things in turns during a great blowjob. Relax and follow your instincts, and take your cues from your partner.

START SLOWLY. When you first encounter his cock, move slowly. Get acquainted with it. If it’s flaccid, place it in your mouth and explore it with your tongue. Delight in the sensation of it getting large and stiff within your mouth. With your hands, mouth, and tongue, explore every inch of it. Run your tongue along the shaft, note the texture, each vein and bulge. Run your tongue along his testicles, explore the difference in texture there, place a testicle in your mouth and suck. Observe his response. Some men adore having their balls licked and sucked.
Move back up the shaft slowly, working your way to the head. Remember to make eye contact with your lover. You may both find it powerfully erotic to gaze into each other’s eyes as you perform this intimate act.

Use your tongue to explore the ridge where the head meets the shaft. Pay particular attention to the frenulum, which is the loose patch of skin on the underside of the penis where the head meets the shaft. Most men find this an intensely sensitive area. Run your tongue along it, first gently, then a little harder. Kiss it, suck at it. Gauge his response.

Move on to the head. Wet it with your mouth. Feel the smooth, hard surface against your lips, kiss it, lick it, tease it ever so gently with your teeth. Explore the hole in the center of the head with your tongue. This hole is called the meatus, and it’s where urine and semen come out of the penis. Some men enjoy stimulation to this area.

Now slowly take the hard, sensitive head entirely in your mouth while using your tongue to stimulate the frenulum. If your partner is seated or lying down, and you are between his legs facing him, your tongue can easily stimulate the frenulum on the underside of the penis as you move the head in and out of your mouth. Pull the head out of your mouth and flick your tongue rapidly against the frenulum. Some men really get off on this sensation.

BEGIN TO BUILD AND INCREASE THE ACTION. Play around with different moves and see to what he responds, what his mood is for that session. When you find something he enjoys, stay with it for a few minutes or longer, then vary it. If he really loved something you did, you can return to it later. But never do the exact same thing for an extended period, as the effect of even the most wonderful sensations diminish with time.
Be slick. At this point, you may want to apply lube to his nice erect cock. This process in itself can be quite entertaining. Drip the lube slowly along his head and shaft, and then use your hands to cover his penis with it. Be sure to choose a lube that is tasteless and odorless, or one whose taste and smell you like. Enjoy the feel of his slick rod in your hands and mouth.
Be resourceful. Try not to have your head simply bobbing up and down on the shaft. This action may produce results, but we’re talking about more advanced skills here. You aren’t merely simulating intercourse. Your mouth and hands have a great many more ways to pleasure his cock than has a pussy or anus. So go ahead and stroke away, but vary it.
Stick out your tongue and say “ah. Leave your tongue out of your mouth and use it to pleasure his frenulum as you stroke. Also by sticking your tongue out, you can take the shaft deeper into your mouth. Many men adore the sensation of being taken fully into their lover’s mouth and even their throat. When you are stroking him with your mouth, don’t forget to use your tongue and lips to increase the sensation. Try sticking your tongue out so you lick his shaft as you stroke with your mouth, or use your lips and tongue to stimulate the frenulum as you pump away. If you moan with pleasure while his cock is in your mouth, he feels the delightful vibration of the sound in his penis.
Try some moves. Draw your lips into a tight circle, so there is almost a popping sound when the head moves in and out. Be extremely careful not to accidentally use your teeth once the action builds, as it can easily cause injury. You may carefully experiment with nibbling on the shaft, as some men find that erotic, but any use of teeth should be approached with very gradual and deliberate experimentation.
Try sucking on his penis, creating a vacuum-like tightness and pressure. Don’t be afraid to suck hard, as many men enjoy that strong sensation. Suck on the head, or take the whole cock in your mouth and maintain the suction the entire time you slide it in and out of your mouth. 
You can try long, hard strokes along the entire shaft with just your tongue or with your mouth, or quick light strokes with your mouth just on the head. There are an almost infinite number of ways to pleasure a cock. Be open-minded and playful, and you may continually find new ways to please your lover . 
Give me a hand. Never let your hands lie still and go unused while you give a blowjob! I cannot stress this point enough. Use them to stroke his shaft below where your mouth is, or you can hold his cock firmly at the base while you suck, even using your hand to firmly draw his cock into your mouth further. Your hands are also indispensable when it comes to testicular and anal stimulation. 
Have a ball. Don’t neglect his balls – another point I cannot stress enough! Testicular stimulation is highly erotic for most men. Try using your hands to pleasure his balls, or stroke his cock with your hand and use your mouth and tongue to lick and suck his balls. Most men enjoy having their testicles cupped or played with. It is natural for a man’s balls to rise when he is aroused, and most men enjoy it when you gather their balls in your hand and pull them firmly down, drawing them away from the base of the cock. (Be careful never to press on the balls themselves.) You can use your fingers to form a circle around the base of the scrotum to hold the balls down in the sac. As in all sensitive erogenous zones, there may be a fine line between pleasure and pain, and each man has his own threshold that may shift over time, so be attentive to his responses.
Knock at his back door. Some men enjoy anal stimulation. But you have to be careful with this one. While they might enjoy the sensation they may feel a little apprehensive coz it may appear  'gay' so only do this if your man is comfortanle with it. While your mouth is busy with his cock, gently touch the sensitive anus with the tip of your finger. If he does not discourage you, insert a lubed finger in his anus. If he responds positively, push your finger further into his rectum until you feel the prostate, which is the size and shape of a chestnut. Massage it with your finger. Use your other hand to press against his perineum, the area between the base of the penis and his anus. Between your two hands, one inside and one outside, you will be able to stimulate his prostate quite well. Many men are driven absolutely wild by this approach.
Take a break! If you’ve been at it a while and your mouth is getting sore, give your mouth a brief rest. Pull back and admire this gorgeous raging hard-on you created. Let your hot breath fall on his slick shaft. Stroke it lightly with your hands. Rub it against your cheek, kiss it lightly, hug it to your chest. Stimulate him with your hands as you rest your mouth. Enjoy this brief interlude before the action resumes.
THE CRESCENDO: By now probably you both have worked up a head of serious sexual steam. You have two choices: You can continue to build the tempo and action until he cums. Or, you can bring him down a bit, then begin to build again. Although your lover may object at first to his runaway freight train of sexual energy being slowed down, in the end he will thank you for prolonging his delight.

If you feel he is approaching climax (i.e., he’s writhing on the bed, clutching the sheets, moaning like crazy, proposing marriage -- a sure sign you’re doing it right), then you might want to slow the action until he backs away from the imminent orgasm. Then slowly begin to build again. Try to keep him in that state for as long as possible, without frustrating him.

Some men cannot tolerate slowing down once they are near orgasm. However, often a more patient, experienced lover will adore this sort of dance. The process of building to near-orgasm, then having the action slow, with you whispering “not yet” into his ear in a husky voice as you slowly build the tempo again, may drive him wild. Be especially aware of your partner’s responses during this process. Sometimes a man is past the point-of-no-return, and you must help him come if he seems unable to slow down. Also, even the most patient of lovers will eventually want to enjoy the grand finale. So try to pick up on signs that he is ready to cum.

THE FINALE. Assume the position. Any position that allows you to reach his cock with your mouth is game. But when you’re ready for the finale, if you’re not already in the ultimate position of sexual worship, kneel between his legs. When you sense he is ready to cum, quicken the pace. You should be pumping fast and furiously with your mouth, or your hand if you can’t move fast enough with your mouth. Timing is everything; at this point, DO NOT slow the pace no matter how sore or tired your mouth or hands become. Keep the rhythm going and don’t stop. Make sure you pace yourself during the blowjob so that you can finish with a sprint. Virtually all men enjoy rapid-fire pumping at the end, but some men like it light and others like a firmer hand. Experiment with pressure and speed.

Don’t forget his balls! Many men find testicular stimulation critical as they near orgasm. Some even enjoy having their scrotum tugged hard as they approach climax. Others are driven over the edge by anal, rectal, and/or prostate stimulation.

As he nears orgasm, you will notice changes. His breathing may become quick and shallow, the sounds he has been making may change abruptly, he may arch his back and tense his muscles; he may throw his head back and clutch at you or the sheets. His balls rise so much they become difficult to move with your hand, his shaft will be rock hard, and the head of his cock will become so huge and engorged it feels as if it will burst. Do not stop pumping, and do not slow down! Keep pumping as long as he will let you. For many men the orgasm will be more intense and prolonged if you continue to stimulate them throughout the climax. At some point following orgasm, his cock may become so acutely sensitive that he will only enjoy the gentlest touch, if any. Pay attention to this sudden change.

Swallowing. Most men enjoy it when you swallow their cum. Men who have strong feelings for their lovers in particular may report feelings of intimacy and acceptance when their lovers swallow. Although many partners are happy to oblige, some people find it difficult to do. Remember that it is a very small volume of liquid, about a teaspoon or so. The taste of semen is fairly mild, but can vary tremendously from man to man, and even for the same man at different times. (And guys, watch what you eat!! Mango juice, taken a few hours before makes your cum taste better.)

If you have difficulty swallowing, you may try holding your breath and swallowing quickly. Some people find deep throating at the moment of ejaculation helpful, as he shoots his load so deep in your mouth that it bypasses the taste buds. If you absolutely cannot bring yourself to swallow under any circumstances, you can try to discreetly spit the semen into a tissue or towel. Or better yet, pull his cock out of your mouth at the last moment and have him ejaculate on your face or body, then make a little erotic show out of spreading his cum onto your body with your hands.

Afterward, some men enjoy it if you “milk” their cock by squeezing at the base and then sliding your hand up the shaft toward the head, getting out every last drop of cum and lapping it up. Other men are so sensitive after coming that they cannot stand to be touched. Most enjoy at least having their balls cupped by your hand.

What if he doesn’t come? Not every blowjob will result in ejaculation, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes a blowjob will be part of many sexual activities you enjoy together in a given session. Not all men find it easy to ejaculate, although they may enjoy oral stimulation tremendously. If a man ejaculated recently, he may be unable to come again for a while. As a man ages, ejaculation typically becomes a less frequent occurrence and produces a lower volume of semen, although an older man may have at least as much sexual activity and enjoyment as a younger man. Fatigue, depression, distraction, and certain medications may interfere with a man’s ability to come. Remember, the idea is to enjoy yourselves; there doesn’t have to be a goal or end-point.

A note to the recipients of all this blowjob attention: If you want your lover to give you lots of head (and what man doesn’t!), then make the area as appealing as possible. Make sure you are freshly bathed, and seriously consider shaving your shaft and balls. You are likely to feel sensitized if these areas are clean-shaven, and your lover will appreciate not having to contend with stray hairs as he or she pleasures you. Finally, your lover is likely to be generous in bed if you, too, are generous in bed. So don’t forget to reciprocate!

  • ENJOY WHAT YOU'RE DOING . This is the biggest one, ladies. Men say it's hard to enjoy themselves when their lady seems bored, in a hurry or unsure how to give a blowjob. Think of this as one of the most passionate gifts you can give to him. So be enthusiastic about it!  
  • THE WETTER, THE BETTER. Guys agree. The more saliva you use, the more enjoyable. Try and keep him very moist from the tip on down. . Use lubricant if you need to or experiment with some fun foods, like whipped cream. 
  • LEND A HELPING HAND. Or two. Don’t be afraid to use your hands.
  • BE BALLSY. The testicles are your friends, ladies. Treat them as such. 
  • REMEMBER WHAT YOU'RE HANDLING. There’s fine line between being firm and strangulation. Be mindful of the amount of pressure you’re using. You’re not strangling a dead chicken.
  • NO TEETH. Keep the teeth outta sight.
  • DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR COMMENTS. Don’t just hope for the best. If your man doesn’t seem to be over the moon - what? Is he in a coma? - then feel free to ask him if there is anything you could improve on. The whole idea is to give pleasure, as I’m SURE he will be doing in return. Communication can only make it better.

Ok, I dont mean to be a wet blanket but I have to tell you this. Remember, you can catch STD's or HIV through blow jobs so unless you are monogamous or have recently been tested negative, plan to use a condom. Go for the fruity flavoured ones. Enjoy. 

Have a zegzy week. 


Friday, 20 May 2011


My pal Mark likes to wear sweaters so much! He is always in a sweater regardless of the weather conditions or time of day. I think he even sleeps in a sweater.  Anaza pal of mine, Bob even christened him "Sweater Guy".

Bob and I used zegz each other at some point but the chemistry wasnt quite right so we stopped zegzing (except in extreme cases of dry spells/ emergencies) and stuck to being just friends, hanging out and all. One Friday I had a date with both Mark and Bob. I figured Id go out with them in turns, first Bob then Mark. Bob and I went to Tropez to catch a pint. I was wearing my favourite short red dress and when I got up to dance, I kinda forgot I wasnt wearing panties and got down, Madtraxx style. When I came back up Bob's jaw was almost touching the table, mouth wide open. Kumbe I had flashed him and some guys sitting behind him. The guys kept watching me, waiting for me to get down again. I teased them a little bit, each time going down quarter way and when they craned their necks trying to catch a view of my headquarters Id come back up. When I sat down opposite Bob, I stretched my hand under the table to touch his crotch and felt the huge bulge. Mission accomplished. Aki Im such a tease!!!!

I was scheduled to meet Mark at 9.00 p.m but he called me at 8 and said he wanted to hook up then. I told Bob I had to leave and he got upset, accusing me of dropping him like hot potato just coz of Mark. I felt guilty so I told Mark to join us at Tropez. A few minutes later he showed up. He lit up when he saw me but appeared a bit taken aback when he noticed I was with another guy. He sat next to me and ordered for a drink. I was hoping the guys would do the male bonding thing that men do to break the ice but Mark appeared uneasy, keeping the conversation monosyllabic. Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing coz I dont really like Bob bonding with my guy pals.He always ends up asking them  "So how do you know her? Have you zegzed her?" One time I was hanging out with him and some snoopy girlfriends of mine so the minute I stepped out to go to the washrooms they were all over him like hawks prying for info. And he goes ahead to volunteer the info. Ati "We are just friends but we have zegz once in a while" TMI dude, TMI!!! Bob, I know youre reading this, Im never introducing you to any of my pals again. NKT!!

A little while later Mark told me he had to leave.  He was hoping Id leave with him but I was loving the wicked riddims the DJ was playing, I wanted to stay on a little bit longer. I promised to call him the next day and he left. About an hour later, Bob and I left the club and headed for the bus stop. On our way there, I got a text from Mark. "Where are you? Im at Liddos. Come Over" I asked Bob if he wanted to go, he said he dint so I told him to escort me. We got to Liddos and I convinced Bob to go in "just for one minute". We found Mark seated on a corner seat, ogling at some naked woman on a pole. 

A few Guinnesses later I wanted to jump onto the pole and try sliding down on it but I was restrained. I snuggled up next to Mark as one of the strippers came along and gave Bob a lap dance. Mark lifted my dress a little bit and sneaked his hand to my pussy and fingered me. Just then a bouncer spotted him and hurried over to where we were seated. "Unafanya nini? Tokeni nje! " he growled. We couldnt even plead our case, having being shikwad red handed, so we stood up, I beckoned Bob and we left. We were all very high by now, so we decided to get a room at a guest house just across from the club. The receptionist had this puzzled look on his face when he saw two men and one woman booking into one room but he dint ask questions. 

We struggled up the stairs until we got to our room on 3rd floor. We had barely locked the door when Mark leaned in to kiss me. His tongue began probing my mouth as his hand made its way to my tits. He started caressing them softly and teasing my nipples with one hand. His tongue started making its way down my neck to my cleavage. I was getting so turned on! I felt completely out of control and my cunt was throbbing so hard I thought it would explode. 

Mark pulled my dress over my head and then unhooked my bra and took it off to free my DDs. He sat me down on the bed as Bob sat on the chair and watched. Mark kissed me on the lips then moved down to take  one of my nipples between his lips . Bob came to the bed and joined Mark in sucking on my other nipple. ‘I love your boobs!’ he murmured. I felt Mark’s hand slide down to my pussy. I moaned softly as his hand played around with my labia then he slid his finger slid inside me, making me gasp. Bob took off his clothes and Mark followed suit. I had never had zegz with Mark before so I was pleasantly surprised to see how well hung he was. Bob was a bit stunned as well, I could tell from his facial expression. 

Bob stood on the floor and eased his hard throbbing cock into my mouth. As I sucked on Bob's cock, I felt Mark’s tongue around my cunt, licking my pussy lips then my clit.  This made me suck Bob even harder. He held my head with hos hands and started fucking my mouth. Mark pushed two fingers into my cunt and sucked on my clit as he fucked me with his finger. Seconds later I pulled away from Bob and moaned loudly as I erupted into an orgasm. 

Mark put on a condom and lay on the bed. I got on top of him, eased his huge cock into my pussy and began riding him. Bob came from behind and I lowered myself to rest on Mark's chest. Bob then slowly eased his cock into my ass. Both of them groaned as their cocks pushed together when they started riding me, filling me up completely. My head was spinning so fast, I felt like I was going to pass out from all the pleasure. Soon after I felt the most intense orgasm I’d ever had ever had building up. ’I’m going to come again!’ I gasped , digging my nails into Mark’s back. The boys pumped me even harder. I felt uncontrollable spasms rocking my body as I climaxed and let out a loud scream. The guys pumped harder and harder and Mark was the first to cum then Bob followed soon after. All three of us collapsed, covered in hot sweat and gasping for air.

I had barely rested when I felt Bob's hands prodding my back and turning me around. I wasnt ready for round two  and I dont know where he got the energy from , but I was too weak to resist. Before I knew it he was on top of me, then inside me, fucking my cunt. Mark turned around to  watch Bob's dick digging into my pussy. He fucked me non-stop for about fourty minutes until I got a bit sore and had to ask him to stop. I felt like he was trying to show off his stamina to Mark, having been intimidated by Mark's huge dick. 

We all fell asleep, me sandwiched in between the two men. Mark woke up early coz he had to go to work. We had morning glory, with Bob fast asleep. He then showered, got dressed and left. We slept in until check out time when we left to go look for breakfast. Seeing us on the street , you would have thought we had been run over by a truck. Drained and dehydrated, barely able to walk. But very very happy. 

I checked the double penetration fantasy off my list, its not a fantasy any more. Mark now wants to help me fulfill another one of my fantasies. A gang bang!!! And its gonna be soon. Cant wait!!! 

Have a wonderful zegzy Furahiday and dont forget to stock up on the condoms!!